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As promised, we got the finished material uploaded to Lulu last night. Once again, Diane's done a smashing job on the cover.

It took a few days more than expected because after reading the formatted pages, I decided to tweak it a bit, and felt a bit more at ease doing it to Widowmaker than a book that's better known.

Mostly I tightened dialogue, because I've written quite a bit of screen stuff since this book, and even in "period-y" stuff like the Alban books, faster dialogue "sounds" better, more like people actually talking to each other than declaiming prepared speeches. After all, it's period to us, but contemporary to them! It also gives the chance, by stepping up the formality just a couple of notches, to "fall into the High Language" (as T.H. White put it) without writing so "forsoothly" that it reads like parody.

I like the end result.

The original version didn't have a dedication. This one's to David Gemmell. Too late for him to see, more's the pity.

One day I'll find out what went wrong with Widowmaker. It was outlined and accepted as a sequel to Greylady, was written, paid for, covered (a nice painting by Mick Posen) published - and then pulled in what, 13 years on, still feels like an amazingly short time. It's always struck me as odd: in the brief period it was in the shops, Legend can't have recouped any costs at all, and if they thought the book wasn't going to sell, why pay for and publish it in the first place?

Some people are still convinced this book never existed, and I can understand how they got that idea. I once asked "Why don't they advertise me in Starburst or one of the other magazines?" and got the reply, "No need, you sell just fine without publicity." Which is one of the most back-handed compliments I've ever received...
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...but it's actually happened.

After blogging about it three months (though only four posts) ago, Greylady has finally made it to Lulu. Things kept getting in the way; I still miss the little black shadow asleep on the sofa...

I found a couple of typos that slipped past both my copy-editor and I all those years ago; I made a couple of very tiny changes (because I could - you'd never notice them); and then its hair was combed, its teeth were brushed and it was given a nice new suit. Diane designs good covers!

I'm doing the same to Widowmaker, but rather more quickly – getting better with practice, I suppose – in between writing short stories for an upcoming magazine and working on the several other projects that were making me feel guilty about ignoring them. That's no way to run a tight ship, so I'll pick one or maybe two and concentrate on it/them. The most likely candidates for Sit Down And Hammer will be Cradlesong and The Shadow Lord: adding to existing series seems like a good idea.

But I'm not starting tonight. (yawn)

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