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Jun. 6th, 2014 02:36 pm
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This is our friend Kim Knight - Kimmie, or even Kimmiwinkles.

Kim and her band of usual suspects were the concoms for the UFP series of Star Trek conventions in the UK, some of the best organised, smoothest-running and most fun cons we’ve ever attended.

UFP-Con 1986 was the one where we met up for the third time. Not happenstance, not coincidence, certainly not enemy action; it was third time pays for all, but even then we were so very quiet and subtle that when we finally revealed our secret engagement…

…Kimmie, Ros and Ali already had champagne waiting on ice!

Kim visited us in Ireland, travelled with us to see a solar eclipse in Germany, met up with us unexpectedly in LA, and introduced us to amazing people. She was one of the most amazing - warm-hearted yet businesslike, kindly yet efficient, humorous yet hard-nosed, all wrapped up in one loveable, huggable package.

Kimmie died on the 11th of May 2014, from complications of the diabetes she bore and fought so gallantly. It would have been her birthday on the 31st of May. Instead her funeral is today, the 6th of June, and we can’t even be there.

Our friend Sarah made this piece of art, which we share with you all: the dedication plate of a happy ship on which we’d proudly serve


We miss you, Kimmie, but you’re not really gone.

What’s loved, lives.

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Probably not news to many, but an unhappy surprise for me and for Diane. Abbie the cat will blog no more. I hadn't checked his blog for a while, and when I looked in a few minutes ago I found this...

It's like losing one of our cats all over again.

Rob (Abbie's Guy) wrote: I did not think it right to announce Abbie's condition in character...

It was enough of a wrench to read it as-is; as-Abbie would have hurt as much to read as it would have been for Rob to write. There was quirky spelling, odd punctuation, sage comments on life, great humour - and sometimes, as at the death of Martha his sister, a quiet melancholy that could comfort you while it broke your aching heart so the healing could begin. I've read that post for its comfort five times over the years since it was first posted.

I've just read it again for Abbie.

He was a Good Cat.

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