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It's about time Prince Ivan (Tales of Old Russia #1) was available again; I keep getting asked about it!

For those interested, I've corrected the Russian - there's not much, it's a novel not a language lesson, but I had a crib. A publisher in Moscow brought it out in "pravil'no russkiy," real Russian, not dictionary crossed with phrasebook (the reviews were uniformly good, and occasionally very complimentary about how "the foreigner" handled THEIR history and folklore.)

So in exchange I did a word-hunt to make sure the bits of "local flavour" were correctly spelt. This is Very Interesting in an alien alphabet. There were a couple of nights when I was dreaming about Cyrillic (though if I'd been dreaming in Cyrillic, it would have been even stranger.)

So here you are. A story that started out with me telling the story to Diane, in a pub, with aeroplane noises. Pub? Plane noises? So what's new about that? But in a Russian folktale? It can be done. (So can a very nasty Transporter accident, but that's in Book 2.)

The Falcon swooped down, struck three times upon the ground and became a fine young man who bowed to the Princess...
turned into something like...Neeyyowww scree-scree-scree (then in a Terry-Thomas voice) "Well, hello..."

Hardly surprising that she turned it into a comic strip for The Dreamery later on. The reprint is coming out in February, with its never-before-seen sequel.

Later for that.

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